Don’t text and drive – Vodafone – Viral spot simulation


Simulate the creation of a viral campaign: create a poster describing the campaign, a video spot (or a moodboard) and the case history of the campaign.


Campaign against smartphone use while driving. Personal project.

Raising awareness on the correct use of mobile phones Road safety starts with awareness of our actions When driving a vehicle, you should always bear in mind that the first step towards peaceful coexistence with all other 'users' (motorists, motorcyclists and lorry drivers, cyclists and pedestrians) is attention: getting distracted can mean getting involved in unpleasant incidents; and the consequences are easy to imagine.

Insight data, crashes data in Italy 2018. 16% due to distraction Anas reports, on the basis of Istat surveys, a of ISTAT findings, one of the main causes of road accidents accident is attributed to distraction distraction: in 2018, accidents caused by distracted driving distracted driving accounted for more than 36,000 accidents in 2018.  That is to say, 16.2 per cent of road accidents.

"A mirror of the times" Among the main factors incorrect use of the mobile phone. A similar estimate recently established that inadequate attention is the cause of 10-30% of accidents. of accidents. And it is easy to identify one of the main main distraction factors: 'a mirror of the times', is the incorrect use of mobile phones (including smartphones and other portable devices) which are picked up and used, yes, for their main task (making calls, entertaining and used for their main purpose (making phone calls, entertaining or sending messages, surfing the web), but while driving, while driving.

Vodafone initiative The campaign "Don't text and drive" campaign Raising awareness of the need to avoid using smartphones while driving. The aim is to convince drivers of the seriousness of this attitude, which can really create irreparable consequences for the driver himself but also for other road users. The key concepts communicated are: dangerous distraction and not least, speed.  The campaign consists mainly of a teaser video highlighting the issue of distracted driving, with mobile phone use being the most significant negative behaviour in this area.

Customer Vodafone, a multinational mobile and fixed-line telephony company with holdings in 25 countries worldwide. Product Video depicting life on the edge focusing attention on the distraction that can often lead to mistakes. Goal To sensitise people not to use smartphones while driving. Target Mens 8 - 25 years old

Don’t text and drive Vodafone campaign Video Teaser The idea is to represent in a spectacular way life on the edge (first-person view of the protagonist) by focusing attention to the distraction that can often often cause mistakes. Engaging sequences A series of spectacular moments of life of life, lived on the edge by the risk risk-taking protagonist but with the right precautions. At the end of these experiences,  behind a veneer of normality, the risks risks continue to exist.  The impelling curiosity that assails us when you receive a new notification on your mobile phone is an eventuality that seriously jeopardises our our safety. Creative concept Having fun while respecting others. Insight People's indifference towards others.


Case History video (fake)


Skills: Art direction, adv