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Pierangelo Rinallo is NEEEXT


I am a Graphic Designer & Art Director based in Milan. I love my job and it has become my passion that improves every day by studying more, meeting new designers and going to see all the events around me absorbing them like a sponge. I work as an advertising graphic designer creating audiovisual, print and poster products, websites and dem in html/cms (and prototyping UI/UX design), asset creation and 3D packaging.

I also have a passion for new technologies such as metaverse, blockchain/crypto/NFT and virtual reality/mista. In some projects I have mainly taken on the role of executing the work, but in other projects I have done the project sketches or the role of art director coordinating the team work.

Developing visual content for B2B because I think that companies are made by people and that they act like a real person, I think that this way there is a way we can make a decision to improve society and the environment around us.

I take care of:

Editorial plans

Advertising campaing


Web design & social media management

Advertising online & social media

Video making & editing

Marketing strategy

Motion design & character design

3D design

Content creation for brands


Teaching about Graphic Design & Art Direction online and offline

I developed contents for:




Somatoline Cosmetic

Kilometro Rosso

Zelig TV

Lila Milan

Naga Milan


Valalla Studio

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