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Pierangelo Rinallo is NEEEXT


Born in Sicily but citizen of Milan by adoption, I am passionate about visual arts since a very young age. I started drawing as a child and, since ever, I let myself be inspired by all that my eyes capture around me and reveal as particularly significant and original. At the age of 13 I started to test myself with graphics programs, cameras, midi keyboards and computers to draw, create videos until I arrived in just two years to perform as Visual Jokey in discos. My passions have allowed me to become what I am: a professional who never stops experimenting and always looking for new stimuli and experiences that I use to give my clients the best, interpreting and expressing their wishes.

I take care of:

– Implementation of advertising campaigns

– Branding and coordinated image

– Motion graphics 2d and 3d projects

– Illustrations

– Video making and Video Editing

– Artistic direction for events and creativity / video / ad hoc creation

– Ad hoc courses for learning graphics programs (photoshop, illustrator, after effects, in design)


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